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Learn The Basics To Advanced

You'll learn the basics to advanced

Learning how to invest is never easy for beginners. TRUST ME. I spent nearly 7 years learning everything that I could about investing in the stock market before I even used real money.

With me, Chris Jackson, and investing with chris mentoring, I will have you learning the basics to the advanced areas within investing in the stock market. My process is systematic with all of my students. 

While you’re probably wondering why am I teaching this stuff, if I am already making money? 

I love money!? I understand a lot of people are skeptical about those who teach stock market investing. I’ve seen all of the bad reviews and feedback instructors, teachers, guru’s, whatever you want to call them get.

I also enjoy helping others. I’ve went from working a 9 to 5 job just like a lot of us have done, or are still doing, to now enjoying my time at home, trading, investing and mentoring! I have built a platform that is pretty much automated, that allows me to do BOTH.

Learn how to find stocks
Learn when to invest in stocks and options
Learn the basics of analyzing a company
Learn How To Value Invest
Understanding Taxes
Learn How To Read Financial Documents
Understand Financial Ratio's
**Bonus** Learn To Setup Your Investment Platform
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    When you have me as your mentor, you'll have access to me almost daily! We'll connect 3 to 4 times a week, and you'll not only have access to my Zoom meeting area at anytime, but also have me on speed dial! 



    Full details on how to sell puts, set up covered calls, and earn before you buy stocks!

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    Chris Jackson - Investing With Chris Dark Logo

    Investing With Chris Jackson will help stock market beginners and advanced investors maximize their profitability.

    Florida, US
    (10am - 05 pm)

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