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5 Marketing Tips That Will Really Help Your Business Grow

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5 Marketing Tips That Will Really Help Your Business Grow - Chris Jackson Investor

Success means different things to different people, and veterans in particular may have different priorities from your average entrepreneur. But the fact remains that the businesses which draw plenty of customers and experience positive revenue growth are going to be successful. Revenue and customers means a lot. Without this, a company finds itself headed to failure. But what else is needed?

One word: marketing!

Buying ads online or in print will likely not be enough for a marketing strategy to work its magic. Marketing requires a combination of creativity and consistent effort to yield demonstrative results. While we can’t give you a comprehensive strategy here are some helpful tips to help you design your own.

Host Events

Running an event open to the public can work wonders for strengthening a business’ name and making more people aware of it. Events come in different forms and serve a variety of purposes. Hosting a small fundraising event right in front of the store is one option. Selling cookies at a table with at a mild profit for a good cause won’t go unnoticed.

Of course, grander scale events remain options. You could leverage your background as a veteran in hosting a small local event for a patriotic holiday. Or you could organize a sporting competition among local businesses, one that lasts several weeks would require significantly more work. The final result might make all the work more than worth the effort. No matter how big or small the event , a well-publicized and properly organized event won’t go unnoticed. Hopefully, neither will the business running the events.

Have a Good Reputation

A business with a strong reputation will likely thrive. Customers don’t like to deal with companies known for dubious business practices and scandals. A company that long established itself and honest and professionally managed may stand out from the crowd. For this reason and more, entrepreneurs must work hard at preserving their enterprises’ reputations. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as intended. Troubles arise, and they might make the news. Sometimes, malicious and false information finds itself on the internet. Don’t let these things drag a company down.

If you want to have a good reputation as a business, you’ll need to learn how to manage your business reputation with both positive and negative feedback you receive. Invest time working to address negative things and always promote positive news. Hire a professional team to assist with these goals if necessary.

Contribute to Social Media

Yes, you should publish social media posts. Contributing regularly to your pages is a must. What about adding to other people’s social media profiles? Signing up with Facebook groups, liking pages, following people on Twitter, and the like all afford opportunities to promote yourself. No, you don’t want to be a shameless self-promoter on other people’s pages, but you can make your presence known and promote your wares at the right time.

Produce a Video Channel

Not everyone who publishes videos on YouTube does so to become a celebrity. A video channel may lend tremendous support to a marketing campaign. Videos bring products, services, and the people who offer them to life. A business that comes off as a cold location of brick and mortar might not connect well with all potential customers. Video marketing, however, could change all this by creating personable, entertaining shorts.

Work with Charities

Altruism should be at the heart of any work performed with a charity. Many business owners likely have a favorite charity they wish to support — you may wish to support veteran charities like the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, or the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Using your business as a platform to raise awareness about a good cause has many rewards. And yes, there are also marketing rewards gained from charitable endeavors.

A particular charity may find itself linked with a business in the eyes of the public. When people think of charity, they think of the company. Consider the cross-promotional benefits.

Marketing always contributes something to a business’ success potential. Always try to expand your marketing at all opportunities. Even the atypical route makes sense at times. 

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