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Stock Market Debit Spreads Investing Explained Investing with Chris Jackson

Stock Market Debit Spreads

Stock Market Debit Spreads Investing Explained An options strategy that carries an upfront cost, debit spread seeks to attain maximum profit for the trader. How is this achieved? By ensuring that premiums paid for the spread’s long legs exceed the premiums received from its short legs. I will be explaining how debit spreads for stock […]
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Basic Stock Option Definitions investing with chris jackson

Basic Stock Option Definitions

This is the introduction and Basic Stock Option Definitions Guide. Before investors begin to invest the traditional method, Buy Low, Sell High, it’s vital for them to understand stock options. A stock option is a contract between two investors or parties, to which the stock option buyer, purchases the right (but not the obligation) to […]
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What Does the Iron Condor Options Strategy Entail

What Does the Iron Condor Options Strategy Entail?

The Iron Condor Options Strategy is an advanced, low-volatility Options strategy that is designed to increase a trader’s chances of earning a small, limited profit. A non-directional Options strategy, Iron Condor involves combining two vertical spreads, a Put spread and a Call spread, to generate a profit. The Iron Condor is typically employed when there’s […]
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Calls vs. Puts What’s the Difference

Calls vs. Puts: What’s the Difference?

Acronyms for call options and put options, calls and puts are derivative investments that give you the right to buy or sell an underlying instrument at a specific price. Before we dig deep into calls, puts, and the differences between them, let’s first understand Options and what separates them from Derivatives. The reason for this […]
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Investor’s Guide to Selling Options

A New Investor’s Guide to Selling Options

First, What are Options? Learn how to maximize your portfolio and cash flow with the new investor’s guide to selling options right here! First, let’s understand what options are. A stock option is an agreement or contract which gives the owner rights to buy or sell a number of shares.  These shares are bought at […]
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How to Earn $1000 monthly without owning stock - Investor Chris Jackson Entrepreneur

How to Earn $1000 monthly without owning stock

HOW TO CREATE CASH FLOW WITHOUT OWNING STOCK WHILE STILL INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET!!! Stock options are derivatives of stocks that allow investors to use various types of strategies rather than traditional buy and sell shares. Options are also used or can be thought of as real estate options or insurance contracts between consumers […]
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