When I started my investing career, I was overwhelmed with everything! Don’t get me wrong, I have taken Corporate Finance, and other similar classes in college but getting into the stock market industry as a beginner can be overwhelming and stressful. With this Investing for Beginners course, I have broken down the most important areas of finance, and the understanding of the basics when it comes to the building blocks of company information, financial understanding and the basics of the market itself. This course is more than you’ll ever receive in college. Taking over 8 years + of industry experience, I have developed this course for those beginning, and even for some of the advanced traders and investors.

What’s Included:

When you purchase this beginners course, you’ll receive a downloadable PowerPoint Show that I have created for anyone to easily navigate and use.

I’ll personally reach out to you, and welcome you to the family here at InvestingWithChris.com and simply enjoy knowing a little about you!

Over 110+ Slides Covering Great Material and Education

Video and Audio Narration

Lessons Included:

  • What is Value Investing: Assets Vs. Liabilities
  • Why Most Stock “traders” Lose
  • How Stocks are Bought & Sold
  • What is a Broker & How to Choose One
  • Understanding Taxes
  • One Small Business is One Share
  • Equity & Book Value
  • (Intro to 3 Great Web-Sites and Software’s That Ease Your Investing Research)
  • Understanding Balance Sheets
  • Understanding Income Statements & Forecasting
  • Financial Terms and Ratios
  • Understanding Bonds and Calculating Bonds
  • BONUS – Setting Up Your Trading / Investing Platform
    • Time Charts, Coloring, Knowing the Platform itself, Function, Placing Trades, Various Orders, etc.



  • *This is a Downloadable Digital & Audible Course*


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    Michael Kampmeier (verified owner)

    If you are looking for education on investing look no further than Chris. I started his program 5/2020 and have consistently grown my account month after month. Through Chris’s training it’s helped me as a beginner investor understand the basics of evaluating companies and make better decisions on where to put my money. I’m still continually learning everyday and I look forward to continuing my education with Chris.

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